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Make Money Selling Vitamin Power Products
with Your Own Dealer Website
As an authorized Vitamin Power Dealer you can now have your own personalized Dealer website. A website gives you another valuable marketing tool to build brand recognition, expand product information to a wider audience and increase your sales.
Your website will showcase the complete range of over 300 Vitamin Power products. It will have its own website address, a homepage with a personal message from you, and your contact and ordering information listed on every page.
How You Benefit from Your Dealer Website
Reach a larger audience of potential buyers
Increase sales
Increase the prestige and credibility of your Dealership
Increase customer convenience - your customers can view and order from your website without leaving home, and have their vitamins delivered to their door.
Increase Dealer convenience and sales efficiency.
Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Your online catalog is always up to date - updates are automatic at no cost to you.
Showcases all 300 plus Vitamin Power products, all with helpful descriptive information and most with full color photo.
Vanguard Internet has been providing Vitamin power Dealer websites since 1999
More and more people are connected to the Internet every year and more and more business is now conducted online. Experts predict online purchases will increasingly become a part of everyday life. Grab your share of this rapidly expanding market - order your Vitamin Power Dealer website today.
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